About Us

Our Company

Price Transfer is the Industry Leader in Centralized Examination Stations. We are strategically located near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

We have multiple facilities covering over one million square feet in Southern California. Along with CBP Examinations, Price Transfer provides a variety of services including: Remote Filing Examinations, Flipping Services, Local Drayage, Nationwide Transportation and real-time visibility to examination statuses.

Our Mission


Our mission is to make Price Transfer the preferred Centralized Examination Station by providing uncompromising service reflecting from a culture of personal pride and family spirit. Price Transfer aims to deliver outstanding value, continuous innovation, and an exceptional experience by fulfilling the needs of our customers.

Our History

Price Transfer was founded in 1934 as a small family owned business with one truck hauling personal effects and baggage to and from the ports. We then expanded to become a highly successful trucking company.

In 1985, Price Transfer was selected as the pilot location for an innovative new program in which CBP officers were stationed on-site of a privately owned facility in order to conduct examinations. By centralizing the examination process, a higher volume of freight could be inspected without the typical delays associated with unpredictable travel conditions, scheduling challenges, and improper conditions for the exam itself. The success of the Price Transfer CES prompted US Customs and Border Protection to establish Examination Sites at the various ports throughout the United States.

Price Transfer continues to set the standard for CBP Centralized Examination Stations and remains the largest CES in the country.