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Sequestration Update April 19, 2013

To Our Special CES Customers:

We wanted to take a moment to give you a status report regarding PRice Transfer and the Sequestration. Our priority is to make sure you are updated frequently so that you avoid any delays and extra costs. As previously stated CBP has provided more officers and have been working harder to clear our backlog and we expect to be caught up in a week or so at the pace they are going.

In the intermim we recommend using FCL Logistics CES for convenience and tracking purposes. FCL operates on the same computer system and web access as Price Transfer CES. If you’re familiar with our system, FCL’s is the same, with just a different log in. Price customer service personnel as well as FCL personnel can access and advise you on your shipments through the exam process.

Price Transfer – (800) 397-7423 Option 1 or

FCL Logisitcs – (800) 455-7420 or

FCL is a separate CES facility (Firms Code W493) but has a lot in common and works very closely with the Price Transfer CES. Using FCL doubles the group’s overall examination capacity for Trade Enforcement (MET) Examinations. FCL is set up to perform examinations for refrigerated and temperature sensitive shipments as well as MET